Dear USA: It's called sin.
Any nation that fails to recognize its own sin will be destroyed by it.

Letter #8

Dear USA:

This letter will discuss the state of Western churches today - specifically the ones who claim they are "Christian" - and the direction in which they are headed, including their future "partnership" with the governments of Western nations as foretold in Bible prophecy.

First, we'll start with the following, taken from Letter #5:


To note from Bible prophecy, the Western nations of this age also represent the latter time "Northern" Kingdom of Daniel 11:36-45, "North" from Israel's location and perspective as they defined it in Daniel's day, a few hundred years prior to Christ. Moreover, today's Western nations have a collective spirit that stems from their "King of the North", that is, their power-seeking, wolf-in-sheep's-clothing, "religious" figurehead and his false, substitute version of Christianity that flows through his church (the "mother harlot") and, to varying degrees, most other Western churches (the "daughter harlots").

All the harlots are easy to spot by how they cheat on God, by not keeping and teaching all of God's Commandments.

First, the mother harlot tries to modify God's Ten Commandments, specifically #2, #4, #9, and #10. Why ? To make her own substitute "version". Why ? Because, like her own father the devil, she wants to replace God and deceive people into sinning, by getting them to disobey the direct Commandments of God (just like the devil did to Eve in the Garden of Eden).

And not to be outdone, the daughter harlots mostly ignore God's Commandments altogether; yet, for some strange reason, the daughter harlots do insist upon keeping their mother's false "commandment" regarding which day of the week to worship, instead of keeping the only Sabbath sanctified and Blessed by God for all men, even from the beginning of Creation, the Bible Sabbath.

The sad result of all of this is that, believe it or not, there are multitudes of supposed-"Christian" churches that encourage, both implicitly and explicitly, the willful ignoring, twisting, and breaking of God's Commandment­s, even though Jesus Christ Himself specifically and repeatedly warns that the ending for such unrighteousness against God is Hell Fire !

Therefore, the "form of Christianity" practiced in most Western churches today does not represent the True Christianity of Christ, but only the false "religion" of the "beast church" of Bible prophecy.

Thankfully, for the very few who are willing to seek by reading for themselves, the True Christianity of Christ can still be found in God's Word, the Bible, beginning with the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Truly, one should never even begin to choose a church until they have read and learned what Jesus teaches first.

As a final note, all that is said above is not a mystery, but is prophesied in the Bible, which clearly points out that corrupted "religion" would try to change the True Gospel of Jesus Christ into a lie. The Bible also warns that the vast majority of supposed-"Christians" will follow "the beast" (system of harlotry); but that any True Believers should also get far away from her, to not share in her sins and receive the same punishment that she's going to get.

From this, all one needs to do is ask, "What are the biggest supposed-"Christian" denominations ?" Then they will know who doesn't keep God's Word in Truth. And why don't they keep His Word ? They do not truly Love God, or others, simple as that.


In the clearest language possible, the West's false "version of" Christianity is headed by the mother harlot, the Roman Catholic Church, whose offspring are the daughter harlots, the reformed Protestant denominations, who once protested the teachings and practices of the mother harlot, but who never escaped her fully, having always kept a portion of her pride and sins.

From their hopeful beginning, the Protestants, instead of reacting to the mother harlot, should have just forgotten about her and started over by using the Bible and Bible only for all of their doctrine. But, too little too late. The longer the daughter harlots have not escaped the mother fully, the more they have given in to other false doctrines, and the more they have cast aside the Commandments of God.

At the time of this writing, the daughters, as prophesied, are even making agreements with their mother for reunification, no longer even concerning themselves with the mother's false teachings and practices they once protested against. It's now only re-alignment with worldly "power" that drives the harlot daughters back under their mother's wing.

Why ? Because the daughter harlots keep suffering a "loss of business" due to the fact that they have become little but preachers of the false doctrines-of-men, selling a message of "pretend love" without the Truth, instead of sharing God's Word just as Jesus teaches, including the keeping of God's Commandments.

Yes, all the harlots use a little Scripture here or there to "sound religious"; but being "of the world" themselves (and thus under the influence of Satan), the harlot daughters have tragically sought to "stay in business" their way, by compromising the True Doctrine of Jesus Christ, in the hope that their refusal to talk about sin or repentance would encourage "the people" to buy more of what they sell.

But the harlot daughters, willfully too faithless (and therefore too cowardly) to do their job properly, also have not kept the Truth that when you implicitly (and even explicitly) condone the sins of society by not preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ accurately, eventually the churches in that same society will become what they now are in the West... shrinking social clubs of likewise Truth-avoiding (that is, Truth-hating) still-willful-sinners who are no different than the rest of the world in their behaviors, choices, appearance, speech*, and so on. Truly, if someone wouldn't suspect we were a Christian unless we told them, then almost assuredly we are not a True Christian !

(*Regarding speech, yes, a small number of the harlots' children actually do at least one thing differently than the rest of "the world"... they substitute the word "gosh" in their endless OMGs in the pretense that they love God, while ignoring the fact that doing so still encourages and reinforces in the ears and minds of others the very speech patterns that directly result in the widespread use of the Lord's Name in vain.)

And so it is that, the harlot daughters, formerly hoping to "increase business" for themselves by embedding one compromise and one adultery after another into their increasingly false gospels over time, have in fact done the opposite, and are now "losing business" by having become little but preachers of their toxic stew of secular humanism and "political correctness", with a dash of their mother's paganism and a sprinkling of "religious" words thrown in, which they serve up as a bad substitute for the True Gospel of Jesus Christ, much to the insult of God.

Is it any wonder the harlot daughters are "losing business" ? Their empty, powerless "form of" religion has only enabled more sin; their soothing message of "Peace, Peace" amid the sin they enable has been nothing but a lie; and their cheap, easy religion that requires absolutely no change in a life has not helped anyone whose life would have greatly benefited from having a True relationship with God.

The few new people who might truly have wanted help from a church and, by initial ignorance, tried one of the harlot daughter "churches", soon discover the fraudulence and don't receive any help, so they leave. And the other attendees who don't really want any help but just a social club... they receive only the "religious-sounding" false message they desire that enables them to pretend they are "Christian" (and Heaven-bound!), even as they continue in their willful sins !

But the latter group, "religious hypocrites" who represent the vast majority of church-goers in the West, will not sustain a church over the long term. Yes, they'll attend occasionally (especially at pagan-influenced holiday time); but generation-by-generation they and their families will attend less and less, and give ever-decreasing amounts of money to "the church".

(Yes, there are a few "populist" churches whose preachers have become famous either by being on TV or writing books. Their larger number of hypocrites, who covet idols and fame, might seemingly sustain these type of "social club" churches for a while, but only in the way that a "night club" is sustained by patrons who seek all manner of sins at the latest "popular" place-to-be. Of course, night club attendees are less hypocritical even in their carnality than those who attend "social club" churches and pretend to be "Christian", because the latter add pretense and lies to the sins they practice in between their weekly social club sessions. Regardless, once a famous preacher retires or dies, if he is not replaced by a similar salesman to continue his marketing, his "church" will also fade away.)

Thus, the simple fact is, by producing more willful sinners instead of helping anyone, the harlot daughters have poisoned their own, which in turn is now threatening the very existence of the harlot daughters themselves ! The old willful sinners die off; current willful sinners don't like supporting churches with money; and younger willful sinners no longer even want to bother attending ! Their churches are now "the world" and "the world" is now their churches. Guess what ? Willful sinners eventually figure out that they don't need both !

So, needing the money, the harlot-daughter Protestant churches are now running to their mother to survive, because the mother harlot still has many riches from her centuries of wealth-extraction from the peoples and nations of the world, and is still embedded deeply into the nations and the governments of the world, at many levels. Let's face it, the mother even has a nation of her own (the Vatican) !

Therefore, since the mother harlot's riches, power, and influence are still "locked into" the nations, the daughter harlots believe their only opportunity to survive is by agreeing to merge back into the mother harlot's worldwide sphere of influence. And that is exactly what the daughter harlots are doing, and will increasingly do, as we head toward the End.

Furthermore, the mother harlot herself - with all her abominations, false doctrines, blasphemies, idolatries, and hypocrisies - also fears her own eventual "loss of business", which she sees happening even now. After all, even in her evil heart she has to admit that she has done little except to help her father, the devil, mold an increasingly sinful world that produces mostly willful sinners; and willful sinners do not like to support things called "churches", not even her own.

And thus, for her own survival, the mother harlot is once again back to doing what she does best: applying her expertise in shrewdness and deceit - which she learned from Satan - to stabilize, and then increase, her riches, power, and influence in the world.

And how is she doing this ?

First, the mother is "taking back" the harlot daughters under her wing, to "expand her base".

In so doing, the mother harlot will increase and the daughters will be absorbed, as they increasingly consolidate their false gospels over time. In its final form, the harlot's false gospel will be Satan's masterpiece, the final poisonous doctrine of the man of sin: a mix of pompous paganism, haughty secular humanism, pretentious "political correctness", and blasphemous "commandments of men"***.

From this abominable combination, "the church", for the most part, will end up condoning whatever sins "the people" feel like, as long as "the people" keep "the church" in business, and also in an authoritarian role, to ensure that "the church" not only has the power to monitor, but, as hard as it is to believe, to also try to prevent anyone who would from keeping the True Commandments of God.

And, of course, the so-called "leaders" will also mix in plenty of "religious" words as cover (even as they do now), in order to mute any Spirit-prodded suspicions, concerns, or objections by their "base" of followers.

"But," you might ask, "would anyone really fall for such a thing ?"

Well, that "thing" is the "beast church" of Bible prophecy, "the beast that rises up out of the sea" in Revelation 13:1; and it represents Big Fraudulent Supposed-"Christian" Religion whose blasphemous "leadership" tries to pass itself off as God's substitute on Earth, and whose "church" preaches Satan's vile substitute "doctrine" that boastfully attempts to modify or disregard the Commandments of God.

So in other words, the question can be rephrased as: "Who will follow the beast ?"

And the answer is simple: the willfully ignorant and non-seeking masses who refuse to learn the True Christianity of Jesus Christ for themselves, starting with the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the Bible; and therefore refuse to compare what Jesus teaches to what a church preaches and actually does.

"But truly, who is that ?"

Frankly, even now it's most people who label themselves "Christian". Consider for a moment how many followers the mother harlot and daughter harlots currently have; about a couple of billion. Obviously, the devil has already been at work (for centuries!). And sadly, Satan is good at what he does. But it wouldn't be this way if people would just seek the Truth by opening their Bibles and reading.

"Okay. But as we near the End, as these things increasingly take place... won't people become more aware by then ?"

Allow Revelation 13:3 to answer: "... And all the world marveled and followed the beast." (emphasis added)

Near the End before Jesus comes back, that means almost every single person in the West will follow the beast. (In the Bible Verse shown, "all the world" is referring only to those who will claim "Christian" but who truly are not. Yes, there will be a few True Christians who are not included in that group, specifically those who keep the Commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Likewise, "all the world" is not referring to the rest of the world that does not claim "Christian", such as those who adhere to Islam. After all, there would be no upcoming gathering for the battle at Armageddon if everyone was supposedly on the "same side". So "all the world" is referring solely to all the fraudulent "Christians" in the world - the vast majority of Christianity, which is based mostly in "the West".)

"Okay. But how will so many people, especially like those who aren't even 'religious' now, be compelled to 'follow the beast' ?"

This is where the mother harlot is at her most shrewd and deceitful. Because the other part of her plan for increasing her riches and authority (in addition to taking the daughter harlots back under her wing) is to lock herself even more deeply into the nations, by further forging marriages with Western governments.

To explain... first of all, it should be apparent, even now, that as Western governments have continued their downward spiral of ineptitude and failure due to sin, the people they govern have become distressed, and even angry. Not that their citizenry is righteous themselves, but even they have found it hard to totally ignore the life-ruining results that the Western "leader's" lust for power and money has produced in almost every realm, including in the lives of their own citizens; in the escalation of Western-provoked hostilities between nations; and in the escalation of the Western-driven destruction of the Earth.

Over time, as tensions within their nations have increased, Western governments - in order to control their populations while still being able to enrich themselves and their corporate masters (especially by starting wars of theft, murder, and devastation around the globe) - have attempted to distract and manipulate their citizens by using certain events, mostly "violent" events (either by manufacturing such events themselves or simply allowing them to occur without trying to prevent them) to stoke the emotions and fears of their citizenry, in order to "motivate" them to allow the governments to "maintain control" in the name of "security".

Of course, this type of governmental behavior is not a mystery to those who maintain an awareness of history or world events. Nor is it a surprise to anyone with an awareness of Bible prophecy. Nor is it unknown to the devil himself, for he himself provokes such evil, including the West's endless false accusations (lies) and despicable (not to mention absurdly hypocritical) demonizing of other nations.

And to be certain, Satan's "church", the mother harlot, sees all this as well.

But she also knows that in this age of vast and almost instant communication, it gets more and more difficult for governments to keep the majority of their people in the dark forever. (For example, many in the West no longer believe the official "government version" of the 9/11 attacks.) So the mother harlot understands well that, as Western populations become more keenly aware of their governments' many evil attempted manipulations of them - especially in light of the ever-worsening destruction and threats to all life on Earth from their nations' endless wars, corporate profiteering, and the decimation of the planet - tensions will increase for revolution in the West.

Thus, by monitoring for the time in the future when Western governments' well-practiced lies are no longer accepted by a majority of their citizenry, even as the citizenry is becoming increasingly fearful of the escalating destruction on the Earth, as well as desperate for their governments to either do something or be overthrown, the mother harlot "church" will find an opportunity to make a subtle, behind-the-scenes agreement with Western governments to help them once again maintain control of their populations. She will agree to appeal to the people's hearts through her (false) religion - in essence using her "influence" (lies) in place of the governments' lies which no longer work - if the governments in turn agree to compel "the people" to join her and validate her "religious authority".

Surely, by that time, the method of implementing this "agreement" among the populations will not be difficult in the least. And that's because, as the escalation of Western-provoked hostilities between nations and the escalation of the Western-driven destruction of the Earth continue unabated in their march toward literally becoming of Biblical proportion, the people will become fearful in the extreme.

Taking advantage of that, the harlot "church" will need only point to the horrific events happening on the Earth and, with false sincerity and seeming gentleness, slyly blame the events not on the fact that the whole world has disregarded the Commandments of God (which would be the Truth), but that the world has gone too far away from the "church" (that is, the "beast church" of Bible prophecy).

Adding to that sly and evil diversion, the "church" will then, in false humility, suggest to the people that all the bad things would go away if they would just be willing to allow the "church" to lead them (along with their governments which could still remain in power).

Thus, by offering a tempting (false) bargain, and knowing that the people would rather listen to men instead of reading the Word of God for themselves to determine the Truth, the "church" at that point will find it fairly easy to persuade the people to follow her, including her poison gospel and her "leadership's" blasphemous claim to Godly-authority on the Earth.

As for Western governments, they will be more than happy for the opportunity to distract their citizenry from continuing to blame them for being a primary cause for so much of the calamity on the Earth, most especially if they think they can remain in some sort of power.

So, doing their own best to "act sincere", they too in false humility will "agree" that "listening to the church" is the only option left. And as part of their "act", the Western governments will even legislate the people of their societies to do what the "church" says, seemingly handing some of the governments' own power over to the church !

Yet, in so doing, the governments will also keep in their own evil hearts that when the "church's" (false) way doesn't work, they, the Western governments, will then be able to resume power AND absolve themselves by pointing the finger of blame at the "church". It's politics (always bad) versus the bad version of religion; acting like friends, but also in a battle to see who can survive in power by being the most deceitful. And all this so that Western "leaders" can keep some sort of power over their populations for a little while longer, while the Roman Catholic Church "leadership" makes its last effort at pretending it has replaced God (before it heads off to perdition).

Notably, since "the West" is really just a group of vassal nations who listen to their head, the USA, it is the USA and its government who will be front and center in the West's marriage to the "beast church" as we get closer to the End when Jesus returns.

For that reason, the USA is also referred to as the "false prophet" in the Book of Revelation (as well as "the beast that comes up out of the Earth" in Revelation 13:11), because they will take the lead in compelling people to follow the "beast church" of Revelation to the final, sad conclusion of this Earth.

Between now and then, stay far away from the mother harlot and her harlot daughters... it does not end well for them:

"Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues." - Revelation 18:4

"Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, 'If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.'" - Revelation 14:9-11


Is it any wonder that in Bible prophecy regarding the End Time when Jesus returns, the Western political and supposed-religious entities are considered so sinful that they will be thrown into the Lake of Hell Fire 1000 years BEFORE Satan (see Revelation 19:11 through Revelation 20:10, note Verses 19:20 and 20:10) ?

Until Next Time, In Love and Truth,

Born and Raised in the USA

*** Regarding the Commandments, be warned: Most of "Big Christian Religion", believe it or not, tries to modify God's Commandments to suit themselves in their selfish desire to "have the say" (man-based "power"), instead of wanting God to have the Say (Godly Power). God does forgive true ignorance, but willful ignorance in this regard is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, which God does not forgive. Therefore, if you find yourself being told to bow or pay reverence to a statue, carving, engraved image, or such; or to worship or pray to an Angel; or to worship or pray to a person (other than Jesus) - no matter who, or whether dead or alive; or to keep Sunday Holy instead of the Seventh Day (the Bible Sabbath, Friday evening through Saturday evening); or to call a "religious leader" by a title such as "father" or "reverend"; or to confess your sins to a "religious leader" who believes they stand in God's Place to declare your sins forgiven; or to do any of the other abominations that men have made up in an attempt to replace God; then please pray to God for His Holy Spirit to bring you the Truth through Jesus Christ, in order to avoid following "the beast" church of Bible prophecy. This is said that you may be Saved, by having a right heart toward God and His Word, by not accepting any of the Satan-induced substitutes of man.