Dear USA: It's called sin.
Any nation that fails to recognize its own sin will be destroyed by it.

Letter #5

Dear USA:

Consider for a moment this statement: "Israel Teams With Empire To Crucify Jesus Christ".

Yes, that would certainly apply to Friday, April 7, 30 A.D., when Jesus Christ was crucified on the Cross by the Roman Empire, as they were prompted to do by the so-called "religious leadership" of Israel at that time.

(Of interest to note, in John 19:11 Jesus Himself says that Israel's leadership had the "greater sin" in the matter. That's because they were the ones who knew Who He was - the Savior, the Son of God - and yet they still delivered Him to the Romans to be crucified.)

But if we look a little closer at the statement above, we can also see that it applies today.

How ?

First, the Israel we see today is the same Israel as in Jesus' day. Not only does the re-established nation of Israel have the exact same location as former Israel had in Jesus' day, today's nation of Israel also has the exact same heart toward Jesus Christ as former Israel did in Jesus' day. By not accepting Jesus Christ as their Messiah (Savior) in 30 A.D., former Israel refused to keep His Word and had Him crucified. Does the modern version of Israel accept Christ today ? No. Do they keep His Word today ? No. So it's not too hard to know what they would do to Jesus if He was speaking the Truth in their midst today. They would do the same as before - want to kill Him.

In addition, the Empire today is the same Empire as in Jesus' day. Following the common thread through history, the Roman Empire (the Empire in existence in Jesus' day) had defeated the prior Greek Empire for regional supremacy, including political supremacy over the land of Israel, which, as noted before, prompted the Roman Empire to have Jesus Christ crucified. Then, later on, toward the West, the Roman Empire gradually became the Imperialist European nations which later fed into, and now have at their head, the Imperialist USA. From beginning to end, the same covetous, murdering, world-dominance-seeking blood has flowed through all of them, with today's version of "the Empire" easily seen as "the West", with the USA as the head, and the other Western nations now as its vassals.

(To note from Bible prophecy, the Western nations of this age also represent the latter time "Northern" Kingdom of Daniel 11:36-45, "North" from Israel's location and perspective as they defined it in Daniel's day, a few hundred years prior to Christ. Moreover, today's Western nations have a collective spirit that stems from their "King of the North", that is, their power-seeking, wolf-in-sheep's-clothing, "religious" figurehead and his false, substitute version of Christianity that flows through his church (the "mother harlot") and, to varying degrees, most other Western churches (the "daughter harlots"). All the harlots are easy to spot by how they cheat on God, by not keeping and teaching all of God's Commandments. First, the mother harlot tries to modify God's Ten Commandments, specifically #2, #4, #9, and #10. Why ? To make her own substitute "version". Why ? Because, like her own father the devil, she wants to replace God and deceive people into sinning, by getting them to disobey the direct Commandments of God (just like the devil did to Eve in the Garden of Eden). And not to be outdone, the daughter harlots mostly ignore God's Commandments altogether; yet, for some strange reason, the daughter harlots do insist upon keeping their mother's false "commandment" regarding which day of the week to worship, instead of keeping the only Sabbath sanctified and Blessed by God for all men, even from the beginning of Creation, the Bible Sabbath. The sad result of all of this is that, believe it or not, there are multitudes of supposed-"Christian" churches that encourage, both implicitly and explicitly, the willful ignoring, twisting, and breaking of God's Commandment­s, even though Jesus Christ Himself specifically and repeatedly warns that the ending for such unrighteousness against God is Hell Fire ! Therefore, the "form of Christianity" practiced in most Western churches today does not represent the True Christianity of Christ, but only the false "religion" of the "beast church" of Bible prophecy. Thankfully, for the very few who are willing to seek by reading for themselves, the True Christianity of Christ can still be found in God's Word, the Bible, beginning with the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Truly, one should never even begin to choose a church until they have read and learned what Jesus teaches first. As a final note, all that is said above is not a mystery, but is prophesied in the Bible, which clearly points out that corrupted "religion" would try to change the True Gospel of Jesus Christ into a lie. The Bible also warns that the vast majority of supposed-"Christians" will follow "the beast" (system of harlotry); but that any True Believers should also get far away from her, to not share in her sins and receive the same punishment that she's going to get. From this, all one needs to do is ask, "What are the biggest supposed-"Christian" denominations ?" Then they will know who doesn't keep God's Word in Truth. And why don't they keep His Word ? They do not truly Love God, or others, simple as that.)

At this point, recalling that the statement "Israel Teams With Empire To Crucify Jesus Christ" still applies today, we can now put the pieces together to see how the Christ-rejecting Israel of today still teams with an Empire... the hypocritical, anti-Christian Empire of Western Imperialism that values politics, money, power, and luxury over the Truth, Justice, Mercy, and Peace of Jesus, even though most in the West claim (falsely) to believe in Jesus Christ.

"But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?" - Jesus in Luke 6:46

Acting together in a "marriage of convenience", it is apparent to almost anyone who has an honest and objective awareness of world events that the Israel of today and the Empire of today each use the other to help support the evils of their choosing, rarely showing even a hint of meaningful disagreement as they each cover the other in their respective endeavors to increase their power in the Earth, including the destruction of any group or nation that they think stands in their way.

In Spiritual terms, they re-crucify Christ continually, because in casting aside God's Way to have their own way, they continually break every one of God's Commandments by their actions.

Thus, even in the present day, Israel and the Empire team together to crucify Jesus Christ, the same as they did before.

How little changes when we refuse to repent.

Until Next Time, In Love and Truth,

Born and Raised in the USA