Dear USA: It's called sin.
Any nation that fails to recognize its own sin will be destroyed by it.

Letter #2

Dear USA:

As I noted in my last letter to you, I was born and raised in you, and spent the first several decades of my life living within your borders, before a a given life situation arose and I accepted an opportunity to move to one of your Western vassals, where I live now.

In vassal-land, as a foreigner (from your perspective), I received quite an education because, as part of the big life-change that immigration is, I was forced out of old, comfortable habits, and had to start new ones.

Part of that change, as an outsider, was that it became much easier to see the reality of the US. And sadly, it is not good. In the name of truth, I have to admit that the country of my birth is mostly a self-exalting bully to other nations, sin-filled itself and an exporter of sin, showing little True Love for God, its own people, or anyone else.

Yes, I know that sounds a bit rough. But if I Love you, USA, I have to tell you; and the truth of ourselves is not always easy. But I also know that many of your own people, if they were to speak the truth freely, with no one else around, would admit similar things.

Again, I lived in the US for several decades, so I know it very well. But admittedly, when I was a part of the US, I barely noticed these things. In fact, I was those things - selfish, prideful, covetous, blasphemous, sin-filled - for the vast majority of the time I lived there. But, after becoming a Born Again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and soon moving to another country (which is not perfect, either), things clarified in time through a more clear and objective lens. After all, it's easier to admit the truth of things when we no longer feel the need to defend them.

"Not defending" the sins of the US does not mean the United States isn't family; it simply means that God comes first, in all things.

Let me explain. As a repentant child of God, I accepted Jesus' offer and unburdened myself of all past unrighteousness by confessing and apologizing for my sins to God, upon which I was forgiven. From there, a True Christian - that is, one who is not a hypocrite - no longer seeks to keep willful sins in their life. Instead, they keep a connection to God through the Holy Spirit, and God's Commandments in their heart and mind. Still, if a True Christian does happen to slip (which they do not want to do), they quickly recognize it and confess it to God and apologize, and are forgiven through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ; they then move forward without burden, keeping in mind what Christ suffered on the Cross to bring us God's Word, so that we may be Saved. Having said all this, it should be apparent that a truly repentant person, in front of God, has no means to willfully defend sin anymore, whether their own, or the unrighteousness of anyone or anything else, including groups or nations. That does not mean a True Christian has the right to hate anyone or any nation; for we have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. But we are not to live in blindness, either. We must always keep the lines clear: evil is evil; good is good; and God's Commandments are the Standard of Truth and Righteousness for those who Love Him and others.

Therefore, allow me to confirm again: I still Love the country of my birth, and the people within it.

But from the outside, it is easy to understand, USA, why the rest of the world - even most of your vassals - would tell you the same thing as I said above... if they were allowed to answer honestly, without fear. You see, many have suffered mightily from your covetous impositions that have robbed them of their life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness. And too many times they have seen little proof that you truly believe all men are created equal. What they have seen is that you often use many high-sounding words as a cover to do whatever you want, economically or militarily, regardless of the consequences to anyone else.

Even so, please be assured I have never met one person, from any country, who would not forgive you if you simply repented and changed. Of the many I've met, it is apparent that most of the people from around the world still want the best for you, and have good will toward the people of the US. They just want the US government and its corporate masters to stop being so oppressive and destructive to their people, their cultures, their nations, and the world.

Now, I know the US claims to be "Christian". But a simple reading of the Gospels of Jesus Christ (the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the Bible) clearly shows that, in the eyes of God, might does not make right; and self-righteousness is not God's Righteousness. If one's behavior goes against God's Commandments, their behavior is not of Him, regardless of the words they speak. Moreover, merely pointing to what one does right, or using other attempted distractions and rationalizations, will never cover continued willful sin.

The choice to believe is yours. But keep in mind, Judgement Day is now in view, and God Who sees all is not mocked.

"But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment." - Jesus in Matthew 12:36

Until Next Time, In Love and Truth,

Born and Raised in the USA