Dear USA: It's called sin.
Any nation that fails to recognize its own sin will be destroyed by it.

Letter #12

Dear USA:

What can be said about the poison politics of the USA ?

They are almost too evil even for Satan himself, representing the worst of humanity.

In US politics, "right" or "left" truly makes no difference. Their battles have nothing to do with good versus evil, because both sides are evil. Their battles have nothing to do with the True Righteousness of God versus unrighteousness, because both sides are unrighteous.

It's really only a matter of which sins each side chooses as their favorites; the right fights for its favorite sins, the left fights for its favorite sins, and that's about it.

The only thing right and left don't battle over is their unrighteous wars; because for that grievous sin they both agree, and neither side can get enough (as the rest of the world can testify).

But before we start reviewing some of the sins of the right and left (it would be almost impossible to review them all), let's keep in mind that many, or even most, US citizens do not fit neatly into a "left" or "right" basket. In many cases, those who "lean left" or "lean right" overall might still disagree with certain positions taken by "their" side, and agree with certain positions taken by the "other" side.

For example, of those who lean left overall on the broad spectrum of issues, more than a few can be found who are against murdering babies (abortion).

As well, of those who lean right overall on the broad spectrum of issues, more than a few can be found who want the rich, the big corporations, and the big banks to stop acting like greedy thieves, and instead be forced to have more integrity in their financial dealings, including having the rich pay some more in income tax.

Wait a minute... does that mean that all of those on the left want rich people to pay more in income tax ?

Absolutely not.

The fact is, almost none of the rich on the left truly want to pay more in taxes, either.

And we know this because, if they did, they already would. After all, nothing prevents a rich person on the left from giving a lot more money to the US Treasury - even right now - all out of the supposed "goodness" of their hearts. Nothing, that is, except abject hypocrisy. Too bad, too, because many famous Hollywood people and certain corporate folks on the left, who often spout their political opinions, could really make a dent on the US national debt if they were truly as generous tax-wise as they want other rich people like them to be.

But, to not play favorites regarding hypocrisy, there are also many people on the right who chastise the lewdness, filth, and excess of US culture, even though they themselves are full participants in the very "culture" they condemn. If a person agrees Hollywood is a problem, they are hypocrites if they are movie-watchers. If they agree TV is little but a sin screen, they are hypocrites if they own one. If they know pornography is wrong, they are hypocrites if they look at it, ever, regardless of whether they are caught or not. (And if they claim they don't know pornography is wrong, they are liars.) If they agree the music industry is sin-filled, they are hypocrites if they also listen to sinful music (including country music which is filled with adultery and all other sins as well). If they believe that many do not parent their children properly, they are hypocrites if their own children aren't much different (or worse). If they suspect that continued fossil fuel use contributes to the breakdown of the Earth, they are hypocrites if they drive a gas-guzzling vehicle they do not truly need. And if they agree that debt contributes to the breakdown of society, they are hypocrites if they live in debt themselves.

"Speaking and not doing" by the right is no different than any rich, famous Hollywood or corporate person on the left who does not voluntarily pay more in taxes right now. Hypocrites are hypocrites, right or left.

That said, regardless of any hypocrisies, people do lean left or right for a reason: of the many issues in the world, they prioritize which ones mean the most to them, and take their political stands accordingly. Some people are even just one-issue voters, because of a given factor that takes the highest priority within them. But to reiterate, while most individuals might lean left or right overall, they are usually not all one or the other, but have factors of both working within them. Thus, few individuals match any "political profile" exactly.

To note, there is one thing that left and right do have fully in common: voters, at election time, who vote with the often baseless hope that "their" candidate is somehow less evil or not as much of a liar as the "other" candidate, even though both candidates are usually self-seeking string-puppets of Satan, each representing a system or "platform" of ideas that, as noted earlier, is mostly evil and unrighteous. Again, left or right matters little; each fights for its favorite sins, while self-righteously condemning the sins of the other.

So... what are some of the favorite sins of the left and right ?

We'll start that discussion in the next letter.

Until Next Time, In Love and Truth,

Born and Raised in the USA