Dear USA: It's called sin.
Any nation that fails to recognize its own sin will be destroyed by it.

Letter #11

Dear USA:

Here's a question that should be easy to answer: What do God's Commandments and US "culture" have in common ?

The answer, of course, is: nothing.

God's Commandments are Light. US culture is dark.

God's Commandments are Life. US culture is death.

God Commandments are True. US culture is a terrible, life-destroying lie.

In fact, if one compared an honest reading of God's Commandments with an honest assessment of so-called US "culture", they could come to no other conclusion than this: US culture throughout represents the exact opposite of God's Commandments.

God says, "You shall not murder."
So what is US culture ?
The most pervasively self-righteous, aggressive, violence-based, murderous culture on Earth. *

* Don't be fooled by any historical white-washing by the US government, media, or others who might still believe their many lies. Cheap rationalizations to falsely claim "moral superiority" do not cover the impartial facts which prove the historical saturation of the above traits throughout the US - in US politics; US foreign policy; US businesses; much of US society (at all levels); and also throughout the so-called US "entertainment" industry in all its media forms, thus ensuring that new generations are likewise indoctrinated with all forms of aggression, violence, and murder. Yes, other cultures might have some of these traits, but none as extensively as the USA. In fact, most other cultures are much more humble and peaceful, especially when not being provoked or prompted by an imperialist bully.

Moreover, God says, "You shall not covet."

So what is US culture ?

The most greedy, lustful, prideful, selfish, and materialistic culture on Earth.

Furthermore, God says, "You shall not commit adultery."

So what is US culture ?

The most adulterous, lewd, sex-based, perverted, pornographic culture on Earth, as well as the least family-committed culture on Earth.

And it's like this for every single one of God's Commandments - His Two Most Important Commandments and Ten Commandments.

Therefore, as stated previously, US culture throughout represents the exact opposite of God's Commandments.

There is no doubt that Satan holds a special place in his murderous, lying heart for the purveyors of US culture. Even in the exhaustive limits of his wretched imagination, the devil must still find it hard to believe how easily and extensively almost an entire society buys into each and every one of the evils that he sells; and also how readily they push along his evils to each other, and to everyone else.

The US first and foremost, but also their Western vassals, literally do Satan's job for him !

On top of that, the US and their Western vassals, as the hypocrites they are, have the audacity to "demonize" (literally) any others who try to refuse their sinful ways ! Any nations who wish to reject the USA's greedy, covetous, permissive, adulterous, dishonest, violent, life-destroying, Earth-destroying, and other God-hating ways are subjected to constant threats and harassment by the USA and their vassals, who, deceived by pride, take it upon themselves to act as bullying enforcers for Satan. It's literally, "Sin like us or die !"

Could Satan be more proud of his own ?

No !

Even being aware of his assured destruction in Hell Fire, the devil remains well pleased - almost to the point of disbelief - with his grand masterpieces of US and Western culture.

Of course a large part of US "culture", at least from the perspective of its population, has to do with the typical, daily, walking-around sensory and media inputs they receive, whether voluntarily or even involuntarily. For example, if a person owns a TV and watches it, it's a voluntary input. But if a person is subjected to things they don't wish to see or hear as they walk around a grocery store for example, like the unwillful hearing of culture-based music on the store's speakers, or seeing an immodestly-dressed shopper before quickly looking away, then those are involuntary inputs (assuming the person can't find another grocery store that allows them Peace).

To note, almost all people are children of "the world"; and as such, they ignore sin and voluntarily choose to receive many sensory and media inputs which feed their carnal nature.

On the other hand, very few people are Born Again, that is, children of God, who guard themselves from the voluntary input of sin into their senses. Even so, they are still subjected to the involuntary inputs of the world. (But as Christ says, while we will have tribulation in this world, we can still be of good cheer, because He has overcome the world. And we can, too, through Him, if we believe and do what Jesus teaches.)

That said, whether voluntary or involuntary, sensory and media inputs in typical US culture are practically never of God. It is no exaggeration to say that the vast majority of such inputs promote the breaking of God's Commandments, either implicitly or explicitly.

From music, to television, to movies, to videos, to radio, to magazines, to books, to newspapers, to video games, to most internet sites, to the non-stop covetous and/or filthy ads that keep these types of media breathing, and even to the public and private spaces where the people reflect all the sin-filled imagery and noise they ingest, US culture is little but a sin-suggesting, spirit-killing, family-killing, Love-killing, Earth-killing, devil-led pit of iniquity, continually pushing every unclean thing into the senses and onto the brain matter of its citizens and its children.

If something goes against God's Kingdom by harming Life and Joy and Peace, you can be sure that it will repeatedly find its way into the eyes and ears of almost any American as they go through their daily lives.

In fact, the merchants of death, following in the footsteps of their father, Satan, have overrun the USA to such a degree that practically everything God calls "sin" in His Word, the Bible, is now merely seen as "normal", acceptable behavior by the people of US society. It is as though, to them, there is no such thing as sin at all. Of course this also applies to Western societies in general, as well as others around the world who are sadly drawn to imitate US culture in all its immodest, God-hating forms.

And because sin has become so "normalized" across their societies, in the US and West, every evil is now called good, and everything Good, Right, Lovely, and True from God is now called evil. There is no bigger lie than to call evil good, or the good things of God evil.

Thus, US culture, with both its internal aspects to the nation and external aspects to the world, is little but a lie, no different than the lie the devil told to Eve in the garden of Eden, telling her all would be fine if she transgressed the Commandment of God.

But all is not fine with the USA as it continues to transgress the Commandments of God.

The US is destroying itself, and others, and the Earth, by its constant willful sin - by US governments and their agencies; by the US war machine; by US businesses; by almost every single aspect of US "culture"; and by the many who voluntarily consume it and reflect it.

And with sin so "normalized" across US society, as though it's not sin at all, there is little chance the destruction will stop.

As Jesus says in Matthew 13:13-15, quoting the prophet Isaiah:

"Therefore I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.

And in them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled, which says:
‘Hearing you will hear and shall not understand,
And seeing you will see and not perceive;
For the hearts of this people have grown dull.
Their ears are hard of hearing,
And their eyes they have closed,
Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears,
Lest they should understand with their hearts and turn,
So that I should heal them.'"

It's sad, but this is what happens when we refuse to acknowledge what sin actually is according to God, Jesus, and Their Word.

For if one does not willfully know or care what sin is according to God's Word, there is no way they will ever repent of it.

And without repentance, there is only final destruction.

"...Unless you repent you will all likewise perish." - Jesus in Luke 13:3

As Jesus warns us all in the hope that we'll be Saved, so His warnings are repeated in these letters to you, USA.

But, while a few individuals might change, you as a nation will not; in fact, according to Bible prophecy, you end up in perdition.

Therefore, to any US individuals and others who are willing to hear, please hear, and...

"Be saved from this perverse generation." - The Apostle Peter in Acts 2:40

Until Next Time, In Love and Truth,

Born and Raised in the USA