Dear USA: It's called sin.
Any nation that fails to recognize its own sin will be destroyed by it.

Letter #10

Dear USA:

Let's start off this letter with a simple question: Is debt an example of leadership ?

Since you, the USA, would only lie to yourself in trying to rationalize your answer, let's ask God from His Word in the Bible instead.

In Deuteronomy 28, just before the children of Israel entered the Promised Land, Moses told them of the many Blessings they would receive if they diligently obeyed God's voice and carefully kept all His Commandments. Among the list of Blessings there was this, from Deuteronomy 28:12-13:

"You shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow. And the Lord will make you the head and not the tail..."

Therefore, obviously, being a debtor nation makes one the tail and not the head (which is also emphasized in Deuteronomy 28:43-44).

And Jesus says this, after speaking a parable about a wasteful, thieving steward (the word "mammon" meaning money or riches):

"He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much. Therefore if you have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches?" - Luke 16:10-11

So if one is irresponsible and untrustworthy with money - a mere earthly thing having no righteousness on its own - they will in no way be trusted, certainly not by God, with anything having to do with God's True Righteousness. In fact, they would be just as irresponsible and untrustworthy in the even more important things.

Does that not sound like an exact description of you, USA ? Do you still think of yourself as a Christian nation, even though you have smothered yourself by a mountain of irresponsible and un-payable debt, not only to other nations, but also to your own citizenry, and also at many levels (such as federal, state, local, etc.) ?

Jesus Himself would tell you that you are not a Christian nation.

Due to your untrustworthiness with the least of things, there is no way God and Jesus would trust you with the True Riches of Theirs.

So how can that possibly make you a Christian nation ?

And what about your citizenry ?

How many have used your covetousness, greed, and irresponsibility as their example to do the same in their own personal lives ?

How many of your own citizens' lives have therefore been destroyed by ignoring the Truth regarding even the simplest of things ?

By not teaching them properly, have you led them ?

Have you helped them by turning a blind eye to the temptations and evils of your "capitalizing" (that is, predatory) lending institutions, credit card companies, and other money-lenders; or any of the vast number of your other "capitalists" (that is, predators) in the form of corporations and marketers of all sorts who also lead the sheep to financial slaughter by their incessant advertising messaging meant only to tempt "the people" to covet things they truly do not need and should never, for any reason, go into debt to obtain ?

No you haven't helped them; you've only enabled your people's destruction. And not only have you harmed your own citizenry continuously in matters of debt, you have, by this point, destroyed yourself in them too, and with no way out (except to repent, that is).

You know this; but yet, you won't repent. Instead, you'll continue to print money and quietly pretend that you can somehow "inflate" your debt away over time without being noticed, as you slyly seek to break your promises and change your deals. But it won't work, because in your economic drunkenness, you'll continue taking on evermore debt, further endangering yourselves, your citizenry, and even the world (such as in the year 2008) by making even more paper-promises to your citizens and other nations that you won't keep.

In this, you put your own nation at great risk; for you are well aware that other nations could ruin you completely, even now, by simply calling in your debt to them.

Not only that, but in your pretense of not being bankrupt, you now continually lie and cheat by manipulating the prices of certain commodities, in order to prevent the value of your oil-soaked dollar from going to nothing and taking your entire nation down with it.

Moreover, in your desperation to make it appear as though your head is still above water, you have pathetically turned to thinly-veiled threats and even blatant acts of violence and murder against the nations of the world, to try to keep anyone from acting against you economically; because if they did, especially in any organized way, it would completely destroy your economic house-of-cards that you've built (by lies) for continuing the illusion of your so-called "power".

Indeed, the self-declared lion, the USA, is economically wounded, and the hyenas, the other nations, know it full well. And the saddest part is, the proud, proud lion wounded himself - by all manner of sin. And not only that, but the lion rarely treated the hyenas decently; if he did, maybe they wouldn't look to circle and consider how to tear him apart now. Even so, the hyenas are still generally much more decent than the lion; but fewer and fewer of them are willing to accept further agitation from him. Surely, any further attempted hostility toward the hyenas by the old, sin-damaged USA lion will only make the hyenas more merciless when their opportunity arises.

So, is the lion smart enough or humble enough to accept the only way out, that is, the way of repentance ?

If he was, he wouldn't be in the position he is now.

Therefore, you, the proud USA lion, by refusing to repent, will continue down the road to your destruction, by way of your economic and material lust, drunkenness, and irresponsibility; and by all other sins as well, including your never-ending hostility toward others.

The USA, the head ? Never.

You are the tail, and tail only.

And why ?

Because in your refusal to repent, you are not of God, nor are you a Christian nation.

Jesus says so Himself.

Until Next Time, In Love and Truth,

Born and Raised in the USA