Dear USA: It's called sin.
Any nation that fails to recognize its own sin will be destroyed by it.
Letter #1

Dear USA:

I hope you don't mind, but I have some things to say to you, so I thought I'd write you some letters.

You see, my family and all of my known relatives have been Americans for generations. Like them, I too was born and raised in you. But after spending the first several decades of my life as a typical American living in the US, a given life situation arose and I accepted an opportunity to move to one of your Western vassals, where I live now. Even so, I still know you very well, and over many years.

As a very short testimony, during most of the time that I lived in the USA, I lived as a typical child of "the world"; I was a part of its "culture", and therefore apart from God. It was only after decades of harming my life in sin against God and others (whose lives I also harmed) that I finally admitted to myself, in front of God, what I had caused my life to be: miserable, shattered, and broken. So from there, I came to the Lord in repentance, read His Word, the Bible, believed the testimony of God's Son, Jesus Christ, and became a Believer. I am thankful to tell you that in His Mercy, the Lord healed me mightily by His Word; and all I had to do (which anyone can do) was be willing to keep it - by repenting, forgiving others, and willfully obeying God's Commandments going forward, God helping me.

Frankly, I don't even have a church, because I never found one that speaks merely what the Bible and Jesus speak, at least not without trying to add to, subtract from, or twist God's Word in ways to suit their own church's agenda or "traditions of men" that are unfounded in the Bible, such as Sunday-worship instead of Sabbath (Saturday) worship, or even having "denominations" in the first place. Therefore, I fellowship with others at my home on the Sabbath (no, the Sabbath is not just for Jews... but it is for rest), and that is our church, with Jesus Himself, from His Word in the Bible, as our Preacher. And we are Blessed.

Now, I know there are many in the US who, in their reaction to people (instead of to God), hate even the very word "Christian", because for every seemingly sincere Christian in US society - a rare sighting indeed - there are about 250 hypocrites who do not Walk their talk. Of course that's because so many are fraudulent "verbal-only Christians", as seen by the continued keeping of willful sin in their lives. They might say "Lord, Lord" a lot, but in Truth, either they don't actually read God's Word; or they don't actually believe God's Word; or they don't actually keep God's Word.

But let's ask: Is that God's fault ? No. Is it God's Will for anyone to continue in willful sin ? No. Do hypocrites represent God's Word ? No.

Then why, my US compatriots, do so many of you blame God, and use the hypocrites as a cheap excuse to keep your own willful sins ?

Whatever "form of" supposed-"Christianity" the hypocrites practice certainly is not the True Christianity of Christ in the Bible, because God and Jesus condone no willful sin, for anyone, knowing that all sin destroys life. It's because God wants us to enable life instead of disable life, that His Love for us is not the approval of sin, but the opposite. And this is the proof of Faith, that anyone who truly Loves God and Jesus at all would agree with Them, not only in thought or words, but also in their own behavior.

Rest assured, God, Jesus, and Their Word, the Bible, are clear: no one who continues in willful sin will ever be accepted into Heaven, because willful sin is the opposite of Love for God and others. One cannot claim to be repentant, or a child of God, as long as they keep willful sins in their life. And that applies not only to hypocrites, but also to the hypocrites who use them as a cheap excuse. It also applies to the left, right, middle, or wherever on the "political" spectrum one might fall. To God and Jesus, politics are meaningless. It's Love shown by living in the Truth that counts, including repentance, forgiveness of others, and the keeping of God's Commandments.

We'll let that set the stage for the future letters to come, and close this one for now.

Until Next Time, In Love and Truth,

Born and Raised in the USA